• ‘KAHA RA’ Mirimiri Maori MassageDuring your Kaha Ra healing session with Raukura  you will experience various holistic elements including; a sacred geometry grid layout specifically for you, this is aligned beneath the table to reconnect the ley lines of the earth to the meridians lines (ley lines) of your body to the lay lines of the cosmos -this is done to realign your energy frequency .  Karo vibrational medicine will also be gifted to balance these frequency patterns to further support DNA re-patterning – to the 5th dimensional type of our star nation tupuna. Your treatment is preceded by a karakia, part of which is an invitation for your tupuna to be supportive during the healing process. Sound healing is also used to help soothe and welcome your spirit and help release any vibrations that no longer belong.The actual massage is characterized by a technique that uses therapeutic rhythmic strokes inspired by the tempo of the ocean. Depending on what is needed … it can be either deep tissue work or lighter energy work.  Romiromi – Deep tissue element supports the release of cellular memory.  The ‘Kaha Ra’ Mirimiri massage takes much of its inspiration from the natural elements, specifically water and earth. Accordingly, heated stones, oil infused with  traditional Maori rongoa are also applied to the body. Raukura will also use gentle breathe techniques to transfer energy- for a balanced, soothing and deeply relaxing experience.

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