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The Rise of the Maori Medicine Woman (“ROMMWA”)
This is an intensive leadership program that runs for a period of 52 weeks. The program invites you on a deep sacred feminine journey that is run with a series of workshops, initiations and online webinars. Throughout this program you will experience a series of Rites of Passage along the way that support you to learn, heal and evolve.

This is a transformational program embodying holistic teachings that incorporate anatomy and physiology, spiritual science, deep esoteric wisdom, ancient teachings and technologies of Lemuria, and working with the energies of the elemental, angelic, ancestral and inter-dimensional realms.

This work gives you permission to reconnect back to your fierce, wild, crazy, powerful creative self, in order for you to reclaim all aspects your holy nature. Our tupuna, the seers and sages of ancient ages predicted this time that we are living in. The year 2012 officially marked this beginning, and you chose to incarnate right in the middle of it. You were made for these time – The Golden age / the end of Patriarchy is upon us. Women will lead the aquarian age. We don’t need to be afraid anymore – its finally safe to have a voice again without the fear of being imprisoned, tortured, raped, betrayed and burnt. We have been called to help heal humanity through embracing a healthy balance with the divine feminine and masculine spirit and engendering deep healing on an individual and collective level.

‘They tried to bury us, but they didn’t realize, we were seeds’ – Mexican Proverb

‘When one woman heals, she helps all women who came before her, and all those that will come after her, to heal too” – Dr Christain Northrop

Are you ready to participate on a transformational journey that you will forever change you? Are you ready to be empowered and empower others? Are you ready to be led and to lead others? Are you ready to release fear and embrace Love? If so, this is your journey….Welcome sister, to the Rise of the Maori Medicine Woman.

Maximum numbers: 10

Start Date: February 2019

• The delivery process is through weekly online webinars/ Q&A sessions. Each week there will be a merge of information delivered from each module.
• 2 x 5 day trainings. One 5 day training close to the beginning of the program and one at the end.
• 1 x 5 Day Graduation Ceremony journey to sacred sites of Lemuria– Te Miringa, Kaimanawa wall and Lake Rotopounamu in the North Island. Initiation Ceremony, vision quest and series of ceremonies. This is completed after completion of the program – arranged to be held during an equinox or solstice

The Program consists of 50 x Weekly online webinars excluding the 2 weeks of Wananga, plus there are 2 x 5 day wananga throughout the ROMMWA for the hands on elements and 1 x 5 day graduation event, visiting the sacred sites of Aotearoa and working with the whenua (land activations). This last event will be held after the program is complete (after the 52 weeks). Please note that this program does not run consecutively week by week, there may be the odd 1 week break throughout the year program, often so that all participants can assimilate material, others times because I am delivering other programs in NZ or Australia.

WEEKLY ONLINE WEBINARS: The Rise of the Maori Medicine Teachings are held online through the Zoom – International conference program. Weekly online webinars @ $25 per week – During these calls you will receive a series of weekly delivery of key information with associated assignments such as weekly Rongoa study, weekly Goddess teachings, weekly archetype, weekly card art project usually and several other elements of teachings depending on what we are covering at the time.

The Wananga will be held at the Kaha Ra Retreat Centre in Kopu, Thames, Gateway to the Coromandel. The womb space created here is a safe, nurturing space for you to be held during our intensive workshops. All sleeping, kai and training is done within this space. The facilities are rustic marae style, with access to 2 showers,2 toilets, a spa pool, a yoni steam tent and lots of Wairua. The property is situated on a ley line with many portals on the property. All healthy vegetarian kai is provided during this Wananga.

Kaha Ra is a deeply honouring ritual that uses a range of ancient indigenous healing practices such as Mirimiri and Romiromi, as well as sacred geometry, Te whe (sounds healing) Rongoa, crystals and Lemurian codes to heal. Kaha Ra Mirimiri is an ancient Indigenous holistic body therapy practice that uses various tools, elements and rituals to release cellular memory from past, present and future. It honours all the layers of who we are, to awaken us in remembering our whakapapa going all the way back to the stars and first birthplace of humanity as ancient Lemuria; Re-calibrating our DNA, releasing ancient wounding/ emotional trauma and supporting us as part of our ascension process on the planet at this time.

Kaha Ra Mirimiri 1: This is held during a 5 day Retreat. Kaha Ra Mirimiri Certified Practitioner Training –First initiation process and 1st rongoa training, Includes- Wharetangata Ora – $888 plus practitioner kete $111

Kaha Ra Mirimiri 2: This training is held during a 5 day Retreat and includes Wairuatanga, Spiritual facials, Kaha Ra authentication and a 2 day Rongoa complex manufacturing training making advanced medicines – $888 plus practitioner kete $222
During this 5 day training you will learn spiritual facials – and Wairuatanga and be able to authenticate your Kaha Ra Mirimiri to become an Authenticated Kaha Ra Mirimiri Practitioner. This training also includes a 2 day Rongoa journey with product manufacturing of a wide range of recipes.

Rongoa Maori Medicine: Plant identification, tikanga, history, plant wairuatanga, Complex Maori Medicine Making. Recommended reading – Murdoch Riley Herbal & Healing Book, The Sacred Plants of Aotearoa – Franchell Osker-Wyber.
This is a sacred journey of learning Rongoa maori medicine and understanding the mauri – life force of plants and our interrelationship with them. We will do in-depth study of the main plants used in maori medicine making and learn a wide range of recipes to make a series of potentised apothecaries that can be used to heal and treat a wide range of ailments.

Making Sacred Objects/ Goddesses/ Archetype work: During this module, you will learn a wide range of skills in making your own sacred Wairua tools to honour the work that we do including our own tokotoko, sacred rakau /wands, Chalice, Rakau korero (Talking Stick) Rongoa sticks etc etc… We will be creating these tools with instructions on how to make through our online learning. You will also be learning about the Goddesses of Aotearoa, the pacific and various traditions and cultures – a lot of which have a similar representation with our Atua wahine in Aotearoa. We will be working intimately with various archetypes through our online weekly webinars.

Rituals and ceremonies – Celebrancy training: You will be learning a series of sacred ancient ceremonies such as marriage, funerals, blessing ways etc… and traditions from a wide range of cultures to honour our multi-dimensionality. We will be working intimately with the elements of Life, Death, Rebirth, Celebration and initiations. This is in preparation for becoming a certified celebrant. (This is something I can guide you with, but you will need to do your own application process)

Card Art Project: Throughout your training, you will be asked to work intimately with a particular topic and then do an individual representation of what this means for you through art. At the end of your weekly art project, you will have created a full set of 52 cards – Each card representing a sacred part of you, in a deeply personal, evolutionary transformational journey. You may choose to use these as a divination set after the completion of this program.

Tohunga/Maori Medicine Woman Initiation: There are several initiations along this journey, each holding its own medicine. However, the full initiation takes place during a sacred journey which will be run over 5 days, journeying to sacred sites – Completing the series. Dates, Price and Place will be divulged closer to the time.

OVERVIEW OF COURSE CONTENT throughout the 52 week program:

• Kaha Ra Mirimiri Certified Practitioner Training
• Kaha Ra Mirimiri Authenticated Practitioner Training
• Wharetangata Ora – Womb Massage & Healing
• Meditation
• Holistic living
• Spiritual Facials
• Sacred Geometry
• Crystal work
• Shadow work
• Sacred Artwork – 52 Card project
• Consultation
• Ancient Lemurian temple initiations
• Hot stone therapy
• Making sacred objects
• Light Language
• Sacred site activations with the whenua
• Initiations
• Rongoa – Maori Medicine / Manufacturing
• Ceremonies & Rituals
• Learning the Maori Goddesses & Goddesses from other traditions
• Working with archetypes
• Vision Quest
• Activations and encoding
• Rite of passage of Tahuna/ Maori Medicine Woman

The Kaha Ra Retreat: We hold our wananga at the Kaha Ra Retreat Centre in Kopu / Thames. There is a maximum of 10 wahine that be accommodated on this journey. The space we co-create is a safe, honouring place of learning and healing the past, present and future, releasing fear and engendering trust, forgiveness and Love.

The Kaha Ra Retreat is rural space of 14 acres set amongst the rolling hills of the Coromandel /Kaimai Ranges, at the gateway to the Coromandel. It is 7km from the main township of Thames. We have a maori medicine garden onsite, as well as a Lemurian portal. We are on a Lemurian ley line that extends through the Tahuna ranges journeying through our property to the Goddess Kaitarakihi in the Kopu Hikuai Hills. There is a spa pool onsite for soaks after a hard days’ learning.

All meals are healthy, high vibration, balanced vegetarian meals You will be asked to bring some healthy snacks for our grazing table such as dark chocolate, nuts, seeds, cheeses, crackers, dried fruits, chips, dips, exotic fruits etc…Please let me know if you have any food intolerances or special dietary requirements.

Financial component – Once you have decided to come onboard this waka, you will be asked to make a $200 deposit. This will secure your space for the entire journey of the 52 week program. Once you have done this we are bound energetically to fulfil our mutual obligations to one another. Your $200 is non-refundable during your training and redeemable your final – Graduation/ initiation Wananga – this will cover some of the costs for the final 5 day journey to the sacred sites. This is to assure your commitment to this journey. If for whatever reason you are unable to complete the entire program due to unforeseen circumstance …we will need to make arrangements to postpone your completion date. If you decide to quit for no particular reason you may lose your deposit, unless prior arrangements can be made. You will also be asked to make a $100 deposit per Wananga as this helps to enable the purchase of necessary food and preparation for holding space.

Successful application: There are only 10 spaces available. Once you have read this information and decide that this is your pathway, we then need to arrange an interview process to ascertain your suitability to this work. Please don’t be offended by this. I need to do this selection process as there are only 10 positions. I also need initiates who have a strong commitment to these teachings and can realistically fulfil the expectations of the program. The weekly time commitment for this training is around 4 hrs a week.

Payments: $200 deposit, $25 per week for webinars, and $888 x 2 for the Wananga. There are also costs for practitioner kits and graduation event ( price to be advised closer to the time)
Contact details: I also require your full name, fb details, address, skype/zoom number and phone number/s so that I can make contact with you and arrange an interview process.

I look forward to hearing from you and journeying with you soon.
ngā mihi mahana ki a koe