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All products are from the “We Love Rongoa” range and are consciously and lovingly created. They are organic based and made sustainable using native plants and extracts.

All plants are harvested with karakia, ritual and intention and specifically crafted to enhance health and vitality to raise the vibration of the recipient.

We Love Rongoa products offers healing, energising products that promote balance, health and good karma; reconnecting us back to nature’s healing elements.

Raukura, the creator of this brand says “Our bodies vibrate to the frequencies of the plants around us, it is here where the deep healing takes place. It is time that We as a collective embrace change to honour our divine mother Papatuanuku and bring about the transformation of a healthier, more loving and peaceful world.”

None of our products are tested on animals and they are all paraben free.

All products are supported by fantastic local distributors. Please see the “Contacts” page on this site for more detail.



The following is a summary of product categories. (Further information is available for each product when you “click’ on the product that you are interested in, and you can visit the Shop Page to easily purchase on-line).

Skin Care & Beauty

The Forever Young skin care range is a luxurious blend of cell regenerating extracts, enriched with collagen (Mamaku), known for its anti–ageing effect.

Great to reduce the signs of ageing and to deeply rehydrate the skin.

Wahine Ora – Women’s Wellness

These products are specifically designed for the busy woman, mother, lover, career woman – the Divine feminine who gives, holds space and energy of her work, home and family and depletes herself in the process!

The synergistic blend of these luxurious combinations will help wahine to rebuild their strength, support the increase of heme levels (depleted through menstrual blood loss), balance hormones and regain vitality.

This also includes the Wharetangata ora/ Womb wellness product – a vaginal steam that helps the release of toxins and debris from the womb, helping with heavy menstrual bleeding while balancing hormones.

Common Ailments

  • Common afflictions including eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis cuts, abrasions, stings and insect bites, or any skin irritation
  • Anti-fungal creams
  • Warming muscle balms; for joint/muscle pain, gout, arthritis,bursitis and rheumatism.
  • Soothing cough elixirs
  • Magnesium Deodorants
  • Kawakawa & Kumarahou Tea; for immune boosting, lowering blood pressure, blood sugar control and lower cholesterol levels
  • Kawakawa tea to support the thinning of blood and to increase digestive process

Flower/Bark – Sacred Essences

These essences carry the healing vibration of water and the energy frequency of the plant for healing. 


I have a great set of Maori Medicine Cards which are very popular and helpful when out in the bush to identify indigenous plants and to use when healing.

Increasingly I will be adding educational content to the site. Watch this space!


Gift Packages

For something different for friends and loved ones.


Stones & Crystals

For use as part of the Kaha Ra healing modality, or simply to add to your collection!