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Kaha Ra Mirimiri – Ancient Lemurian/ Māori Healing… a gift fom our ancestors

I practice a type of Mirimiri massage called ‘Kaha Ra’ meaning  ‘Strong Light’. 

This type of body work combines traditional Māori healing of Mirimiri, Romiromi, Rongoā, Te Whe (sound healing), Kohatu (heated stones) Rakau (healing sticks), Sacred Geometry and Wairuatanga. 

The service provides for a merge between traditional Māori healing and new frequencies from the ancient Lemurian temples – incorporating a deeply spiritual aspect element that will transform you as the recipient from one state to an entirely transitioned state of release and re-alignment.

Having a Kaha Ra Mirimiri treatment healing session

Your treatment is preceded by a karakia (prayer), part of which is an invitation for your tupuna/ancestors to be present and supportive during the healing process.

During your Kaha Ra healing session you will firstly be asked to state your intention to bring focus to the experience.  You will then undergo various holistic elements including:

– a sacred geometry grid layout specifically for you, aligned beneath the massage table to reconnect the lay lines of the earth to the meridians lines (lay lines) of your body to the lay lines of the cosmos. This is done to realign your energy frequency.

– you will take a vibrational essence to help release and re pattern your DNA.

– you will have hot stones placed on towels that are then put on your body to allow the warmth to stimulate your chakra system.

– sound healing is also used to help soothe and welcome your spirit and help release any vibrations that no longer belong.

The actual massage is characterized by a technique that uses therapeutic rhythmic strokes inspired by the tempo of the ocean. Depending on what is needed … it can be either deep tissue work or lighter energy work.  Romiromi – deep tissue element supports the release of cellular memory.  

The ‘Kaha Ra’ Mirimiri massage takes much of its inspiration from the natural elements, specifically water and earth. Accordingly, heated stones, oil infused with traditional Māori Rongoā are also applied to the body. I will also use gentle breathe techniques to transfer energy – for a balanced, soothing and deeply relaxing experience!

Primary benefits of ‘Kaha Ra’ mirimiri massage

These are many and varied, and include:

 Regulates nervous system

 Pain relief

 Healing past wounds

 Improves digestion

 Speeds recovery of scar tissue

 Stimulates blood circulation

 Sense of calmness


 Re patterning of DNA

 Spiritual reconnection of the soul

  Removes unwanted entities or energies

A full Kaha Ra Mirimiri treatment can take between 1.5 hour – 2 hrs and costs $130.


Treat yourself!!! 

“Click here” to make a booking.