Harvest 200g of fresh Kohekohe leaves with tikanga and protocol (karakia) Place into 3 Litres of filtered water in stainless steel pot with lid. Slowly simmer on low- med heat for 20 minutes…allow to steep until cool. Strain and bottle into 2 litre glass bottle and label (This will make around 2 litres after 1 litre is steamed off it). Write what is is, who it is for, what it is for and date.Take 50 mls 2 – 3 times a day.

This is excellent for weight reduction. It helps to reduce appetite and burns fat cells. It is also amazing for Menopause, irregular periods, PMS, and all hormonal symptoms associated with menstruation.

This can be taken by both men and women as it also helps to balance mens hormones too. It is a very, very bitter taste…but please persist as the results are worth it.