The Rise of the Maori Medicine Woman 13 Moon Apprenticeship Program

Are you ready to rise and step up to your rightful place as a leader, healer and wisdom keeper and help guide the way of a new tomorrow? The time of the Guru and Master/Slave era is over. We don’t require permission anymore to access what is our birthright.

Our time is now…There is no one else coming; We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

The Rise of the Maori Medicine Woman is a transformational training program that facilitates personal development, spiritual evolution and planetary healing.  This revolutionary training program covers a wide range of powerful healing modalities through a series of workshops and weekly online webinars.

Within this extensive training program, there will be 4 modules, each module will carry its own unique energy.

Each module runs for a period of 3 months with 4 day wananga to commence program,10 weekly online webinars and then 4 day wananga to bring the module to a close

Module 1: Kaha Ra Mirimiri
Module 2: Rongoa – Maori Medicine:
Module 3: Rituals and ceremonies.  You will be learning a series of sacred ancient practices rituals and ceremonies and traditions from a wide range of cultures to honour our multi-dimentionality. Working through all the elements of Life, Death, Rebirth, Celebration and initiations.
Module 4: Making Sacred Objects.  During this module, you will learn a wide range of skills in making our own sacred tools to honour the work that we do.  We will be creating a project each week through our online learning as well as learning several goddesses from the various traditions, with a special emphasis on our own Goddesses of Aotearoa and Pacifica. We will also be working intimately with various archetypes through our online weekly webinars.

Throughout your training, you will be asked to do a weekly art project to create a full set of 52 cards. Each card representing a sacred part of you and your own personal, intimate expression of who you are.

In the Rise of the Maori Medicine Apprenticeship, you will learn a wide variety of skills including:
  • Creating sacred ritual and ceremony
  • Meditation & Meridian & Chakra work
  • Rongoa Maori Medicine & Medicine making
  • Sacred Kaha Ra Mirimiri Practitioner Training – Levels 1 & 2
  • Spiritual Facials
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Consultation
  • Lemurian temple initiations
  • Crystals
  • Hot stone therapy
  • Making sacred objects
  • Light Language
  • Womb wisdom
  • Vision Quest
  • Activations and encoding
  • Rite of passage of Tahuna/ Maori Medicine Woman
You do not have to be of Maori decent to do this training. You just have to know in your heart that you are being called to do this work. Let AIO guide you. This is also available to men who feel a strong calling to do this work.
Price of $555 per wananga with weekly online webinars of $25 per week, plus additional costs for recommended literature, practitioner ketes and graduation ceremony
Payment options are available by agreement
Listen to radio interview on 13 moon Rise of the Maori Medicine Woman Apprenticeship:–rise-of-the-maori-medicine-woman