I had an epiphany yesterday; It suddenly dawned on me that I need to truly value myself as a healer and fully step into my role as a Kaiko to lead the way forward for all you tauira.  Stepping up and realizing the value of what this powerful,absolutely transformational, life changing modality really is…knowing its worth, its truth and its yearning to be recognized for its magnificence and all the magic that it engenders. Know that you are worth it!

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I present the pathway of true value and worth of this incredibly powerful healing modality. After all this is not just a little rub that people are getting. They are getting something that has been carried through deep memory into the present…something so ancient and primal that when they experience it, all their cells celebrate in knowing that ‘this is what we have been waiting for’, that which has been carried through from the first seeding of hu-man of Lemuria, to heal all levels of their being.

We give of ourselves; with Aroha, care and strength, acting as spirit conduit to journey with them to places ‘where angels fear to tread’….but we stand along them with no judgement to bear witness to their release of what no longer serves, anchoring them in their power to show them the gateway to freedom…and give them permission to open their wings to fly once again. ARe we Amazing!? Yes we are!……We ARE the ones we’ve all been waiting for! Aho

Raukura Linda Sayer's photo.