After my recent Kaha Ra Mirimiri Massage wananga, I simply cannot stress enough just how important it is to use your Korowai of protection. I fleetingly skimmed the subject…but quickly realized that this is a subject all on its’ own that is a fundamental requirement of healing and really needs to be put right up there – Auie! For those of you who are not so familiar with the Korowai of protection… this is a cloak that is placed over our energetic body before we make contact with our turoro (client/patient). This can be done at any stage at the beginning phase of a treatment before physical interaction with your client.
Each person’s Korowai is specific to them and can be visualized and brought into the spiritual realm with intention, thus leaving it up to our deepest desire to create the most beautiful cloaks imaginable.
The Korowai aids in protecting from energetic leaking or emotional transference from client to practitioner and to prevent any vampirism and or negative entity latching onto our energy field and causing us to become exhausted and even in the most extreme cases, to become ill.
In some instances, If you feel that your korowai is not adequate enough for the depth of work required with specific individuals, then you can also add an energy sphere around yourself to seal your field and re-inforce the protection. This is achieved by visualizing an impenetrable crystal sphere around you that allows your healing light to expand outwards, shielding you from any leaching.