Wharetangata Ora – Womb Wellness

Its time for us wahine to collectively tune in to the wisdom of our womb. Its time to nourish the space of creativity and celebrate our femininity with honour and intentional ritual.

The Tara Korohu – Vaginal steam is the first of many products to be launched that holds the energy of healing for this sacred space. This is a great place of wisdom, a special creative space that helps to guide and align us to our higher truth takes us back in time when this practice of using steam for healing was so prevalent with our ancestors. This is a beautiful gentle way of opening ourselves up to healing and nurturing and igniting the way forward to cleanse and clear blockages that keep us moving forward.

The Tara Korohu – contains a stunning combination of rongoa – featuring, Puka, Kohekohe, Kanuka and Kawakawa – with a special soothing blend of rose petals and essential oil of rose geranium. All specifically chosen to support hormonal balance, ease pain, reduce bleeding and cleanse and tone the womb. This is especially good to use during menses or when experiencing cramping, hot flushing or low libido.

I invite you to treat yourself and your sistars to this very special ritual of journeying to the womb in such a healing and honouring way.

Kaha Ra Healing Retreat, Kopu, Venue for Hire

Kia ora koutou,
The Kaha Ra Healing Retreat is a delightful space set amidst the kopu – hikuai valley with Waihou river views and vista of Coromandels’ rolling hills with Kaitarakihi – The Goddess outlined in the hills. Situated on a lifestyle organic farm property of 14 acres in Kopu, Thames. 1 – 1.5 hrs from all the main centres of Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga.

We are delighted to offer our venue space for groups of up to 20 people for day workshops of a spiritual nature. This land is very sacred and activated with ley lines and portals. The whenua (land) is called Kaiwhenua meaning land of food. We are situated in a place called Kopu (the womb) which gives birth to many creative concepts and is a powerful space for healing and transformation. Kopu, Thames is the gateway to the coromandel peninsula with many stunning beaches, sacred rivers, bush / coastal walks and bike trail nearby.

Accommodation available to facilitators optional of 2 x queen bedrooms.
Marae style sleeping arrangements for participants wanting to stay or camping option. Please check out availability on https://www.airbnb.co.nz/rooms/10837861

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