Haere mai…rongoa whanau!Tena koutou katoa….This newsletter is the first of a series of writings to support those on the Rongoa Maori Medicine waka of learning. My name is Raukura (Linda Sayer) I have been chosen as one of the many kaitiaki of our great divine mother Papatuanuku to share her stories, teach people, and bring some new understanding about who we are and what we need to be doing to care of her in a sustainable way. I have been guide to support you to re-connect to her again for the deep healing that needs to take place at the core of humanity. So that we may again be fearless and know the ONENESS THAT WE ARE. She is ready to share her abundance and teachings to those that are willing, with those that have, not just an open mind but those who have an open heart.

Please join me on this incredible journey as we collectively discover the power and magic of our own native plants and the power of ourselves and our part on this planet.

I have been making potentized Maori medicines for the last 5 years and I consider myself to be the sort of practitioner who has expanded on the stringent traditional practice of teaching Rongoa Maori Medicine. I have been guided to share in the evolution of these teachings to include the New Earth relevance for our modern world, as humanity goes through its next era of unlearning and re-learning who we really are and what our capabilites as human truely are. I am sharing with you in the hope that you will be inspired by what I write. Since learning about Rongoa Maori Medicine I have discovered that by maintaining a close connection to nature, I have unearthed inside of me a greater depth of understanding of the earth magic within the bush – A magic that I incorporate into my daily life….This has opened me up in ways I can never fully explain. I feel truely blessed and honoured to be working so closely with Papatuanuku in this way. I often get messages from source to make a certain rongoa for this person or that person…even get asked to make large batches of product to be available to many. My recipes are all guided and I allow the divine to guide me through this process. I give myself up with Love and trust that all I receive is pure and in alignment to our higher purpose and have a knowingness that I am indeed doing my life’s purpose.

I have also discovered that using Rongoa in different ways will vary the power of its vibrational frequency, as each method carries a certain vibrational signature. There are also many layers of healing that can be targeted to treat a singular ailments. Perfect blends of Rongoa ideally treats on all the levels of ones being – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually….after all, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

When I talk about the vibrational frequency, I am talking about spirit – which incorporates spirits of the land – Papatuanuku, Lemurians, Patupaerehe, Tane etc… spirits of the waters, Tangaroa, Hinemoana etc and spirits of the Heavens which incorporate spirits of our tupuna, guides, angels and Ranginui and the greater force that oversees all of this is IO, the divine source known by many names. Its about intention and incantation…you may choose to name them individually or incorporate something specific into the calling in process to bring in this extra support to magnify your rongoa. Whatever it is you call in, ensure you in link it in with your heart connection.

This is how you link in: You connect to source -IO first bring the energy down through your centre core- visualize a clear white shard of light coming down from our divine father through you into the earth beneath you and down into Papatuanuku – our divine mother then bring her energy up and centre it around your heart- really connect it there…let it swirl and vibrate here for awhile, then call in other forces to support the healing. Once you have linked in you can then bring in your korowai of protection…visualize you korowai (cloak) to be whatever you imagine – Mine is Red and white feathers. This Korowai is to shield you from fear or malevolence…and is an insurance policy…Never be afraid…just work with your heart energy. This will guarantee your success.

There are many different qualities of rongoa. Using rongoa in an emergency will result in the lowest frequency vibration, the rongoa is picked directly from a plant with minimum time to ritualize the experience. It goes a little like this…using tikanga and protocol, we harvest, thank the plant for its use, we then use it for healing- either as a poultice or leaf for drawing and then dispose of it using tikanga and protocol. Its a quick energy exchange. If there is even a chance to observe the tikanga and protocol during an emergency.

The next highest frequency and level of healing is when we use it in a time and space that is planned and ritualized. The whole process is sacred and tikanga and protocol is observed in a mindful and deliberate way, we harvest, honour the plant, make a potentized blend using karakia and intention throughout the multiple processes from the conception of the recipe through to the complex blending of the chemical processes, step by step everything is kept tapu. Not only do we thank the plant for its use but we honour Papatuanuku in all her glory with all her abundance, thus maximizing its healing potential.

The highest frequency and level of healing is when making the vibrational medicines. In this ritual we are open guided and working directly with spirit. Here is an example of what my most recent experience of working in that dimension was for me> On the last full moon of the 8th,9th and 10th of Sept, I tuned in to receive a message from IO to make a vibrational essence for the next Waiataha Water Gathering – held in the far north on Oct 15th – 22nd October 2014…The message came through very clearly – that I am to make a potentized blend to use as part of the ritual. I was asked to imbue a blend of rongoa into water gathered from rain, to blend it with the qualities of the Karo – a rongoa that supports us to find our true life purpose and Karengo to teach us about the first memories of life here on this planet through the teachings of the Whale. I was asked to place all the Lemurian seed crystals that I have around the blend pointing inwards towards the water and place it in the vortex ..which I have on my property, one of the crystals was used as part of the sacred fire ceremony in Australia in March 2014. The Lemurian energy frequency is strongly imbued with the memory of humanities first seeding here on earth and releasing old cellular memory that no longer belongs…to release it and re-calibrate our DNA to that of our star nation tupuna I was then asked to leave it for 3 days and nights, after which time I need to strain it and bottle it. Then 3 days later I was asked to place the bottle back up in the vortex until the equinox on Tuesday 23rd September in preparation for its use at the ceremony.

Opening our hearts and minds will allow us to fully receive the messages of source. There is no place for fear… When Love is the only source that we connect to…Love changes us n deep and profound ways that make us more complete. Embrace Love as your understanding and give yourself the freedom to change your life, heal yourself, heal each other and heal the earth.