Hanx Writer expands recreating the permanence of a typewriter with the capability of your iPhone and iPad.

As ever, the report of SHOOK SHOOK and KLOCK-KLOCK is mated with all the luxuries associated with the DELETE key. Your typewriting will undoubtedly be true word-processing using the look, feel, and sound of a writing machine that is classic. Every Hanx Writer document could be emailed, printed – shared! – with a personality as unique as the person who creates it.

And, Hanx Writer is on the run! Benefit from the thrill that is tactile of up text messages, emails, notes and more generally in most third-party apps that use a keyboard.

Explore the complete Hanx Writer typewriter collection: The Hanx Prime Select is writers best friend (plus it’s FREE); make the Hanx 707 on any journey and admire the elegance (while the fitt-fitt) of this Hanx Golden Touch. Each machine is unique.

And from now on, there’s more! The Hanx Matterhorn is born of Swiss Precision – sharp & imposing; The Hanx Del Sol glows bright & brilliant with promise; while the Hanx Electric shall help you write your story, your path.

You already know just how to work them – so get writing!

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The caps button/putting the indicator near a word

I obtained this app due to a write-up, and my love for typewriters (Polaroids and fountain pens, that types of stuff.) But because i will be an early age, I am not a usual writer back at my typewriters, so writing quickly using a phone is more of what I use nowadays. (more…)