in this essay you will learn the rules for writing an essay.


At what part of the story your evidence comes from (bonus points for act and scene numbers). Much simpler than it sounds. Basically, you’re setting the scene for your quote, or painting an image within which your quote is said. Attempt to include who it had been said by, who it had been said to, and where it was said (less important if said during a event that is significant the writing, that you simply should mention instead). The cause of contextualisation is the tendency that is unfortunate individuals to make up quotes at that moment. Including the scene where you found your evidence invites the marker to check on you on your honesty. It also helps enormously in ‘giving a feel’ into the general vibe of the quote, so the marker can see you’re using it appropriately rather than twisting it to mean the exact opposite of what the writer intended that it is (or at the very least, didn’t intend it to not be). (more…)