Just who the publisher of a site that is particular who the sources of information into the site are-may be unclear to users.

Therefore, the sources’ motivations, qualifications, and trustworthiness are unclear. All of this causes users to wonder about the credibility of websites.

Credibility was mentioned by 7 participants as an concern that is important. When considering a news story on line, one person said, “The one thing i usually search for is who it is originating from. Is it a source that is reputable? Can the origin be trusted? Knowing is vital. I do not want to be fed with false facts.” When asked how believable the given information in an essay on the net seemed, someone else answered, “That’s a concern I ask myself about every internet site.”

The standard of a website’s content influences users’ evaluations of credibility, as you person pointed out: “A magazine this is certainly well done sets a tone that is certain impression which can be carried through this content. A certain image for example, National Geographic has a quality feel. A website conveys a picture, too. If it’s tastefully done, it may add a complete lot of credibility to your site.”

Outbound Links Can Increase Credibility

Users count on hypertext links to help assess credibility associated with the information found in websites. (more…)